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Make a pokemon, and RP with it going up in ranks, and yes, YOU are the pokemon!
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 Modifying.(Admins and Mods)

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Modifying.(Admins and Mods) Empty
PostSubject: Modifying.(Admins and Mods)   Modifying.(Admins and Mods) EmptyMon Sep 21, 2009 10:23 pm

Hey guys! This is your friendly, neighborhood, creator here! Very Happy

Ok so today I got on and I noticed ads on here, and that a few sections had the new posts at the top of the forum. I fixed some of it, but I kept the ads because it pays for having the forum on here. Very Happy

Anyways, moving onto the subject at hand. If somebody is going to make a big change to the forum, like changing the heirarchey and structer, or post order, then they shold consult me. If they want a new banner or something, then TELL ME FIRST in a pm, and I will discuss it with that person.
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Modifying.(Admins and Mods)
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