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 ChiChi the buneary

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Bunny chichi
Basic Pokemon.
Basic Pokemon.

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PostSubject: ChiChi the buneary   Sun Sep 06, 2009 9:39 am

Name~ Buneary,ChiChi


Birthdate~ April, 1

Height~ 1'04"

Weight~ 12 lb

Personality: ChiChi is very funny and playful. She loves to make others laugh
But when in danger ChiChi goes into berserke mode making sure
She is gets out alive

Looks~ Being a buneary chichi has brown fur with fluffy cream colored fluffs on her ears, feet, and stomach

History~. Chichi was born in a big family of buneary but being the youngest ment she had to worry about the older buneary. so to coupe with being left out she told jokes and she trained a lot just so she could be able to join her older sibilings. but the jokes and training didn't work because they scared chichi away saying their was no room for runts. Chichi was sad and alone until a lopunny found chichi and took her in

Family~ Mom and Dad ,many brothers and sisters who scared her away from home
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Basic Pokemon.
Basic Pokemon.

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PostSubject: Re: ChiChi the buneary   Mon Sep 07, 2009 12:08 am

oh that is so sad but approved
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ChiChi the buneary
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