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Make a pokemon, and RP with it going up in ranks, and yes, YOU are the pokemon!
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 Our Plot. :D

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PostSubject: Our Plot. :D   Sat Sep 05, 2009 9:09 pm

A few pokemon (Absol, Shiny Charmander, Shinx, and Krikatot) found a large, pink orb. Slash (Absol) was big enough to carry it, so when he found it, he carried it over to his territory. Two pokemon, Kirkatot, and Shinx then came over. When Slash was defending it, when it suddenly started to glow. A young charmander saw it, and came over (Flame) Suddenly, the orb dissapeared, and turned into Palkia! Then Dialga appeared too! A shaymin tried to stop their fighting, but got injjuried, and Palkia and Dialga dissapeared! What wil the world do with these two pokemon rampaging around? It seems the world is up to a kirkatot, two shinxes(seocnd one is shiny), and a young, newborn Riolu.

And what about the strange chosen one? Who knows. (If you know who the chosen one is, do not tell anyone.)
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Our Plot. :D
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