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Make a pokemon, and RP with it going up in ranks, and yes, YOU are the pokemon!
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 Riolu. a.k.a. Rio.

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PostSubject: Riolu. a.k.a. Rio.   Sat Sep 05, 2009 8:18 pm

Name: Riolu, Rio.
Level: 1
Gender: Female
Birthdate: June, 23
Height: 2'4''
Weight: 44.5
Personality: Kind of shy. She is tough, and determinded. She is the kind of pokemon where they are very determind to succeed.
History: Riolu hatched from her egg just a few days ago. Sheis still new to this world, and does not know much about it.
Family Info: Mother: Lucario. Father: Lucario.

approved. XD
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Riolu. a.k.a. Rio.
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