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Make a pokemon, and RP with it going up in ranks, and yes, YOU are the pokemon!
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 My Char: Amy

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PostSubject: My Char: Amy   Thu Aug 20, 2009 9:40 am

Name: Amy


Height: 4''11

Weight: bout 40 kg

Appearance: Like my avatar

Hometown: Pallet Town/Sinnoh

History: Amy used to live in Celestic Town with her Step-Mother and her Father. She had a younger brother named Jake and normally Jake and Amy would get along but one day her Step-Mother and Father had a terrible argument and they divorced. Jake lived with his Step-Mom in Celestic Town and Amy and her Father moved into a cottage in Pallet Town. One day she bumped into a boy with a bag full of Pokeballs. That day she wanted to become a Pokemon Trainer.

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My Char: Amy
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